Flat Roof Solution 1 (FR1)

Holcom FR1 is a solution for Flat roof or metal roof that needs the inclination of solar panels to get maximum solar energy. Corresponding to the direction of sunlight, Holcom FR1 has the right angle of inclination, saving materials but ensuring the stability of the Solar Panel system.

  • ​Product code: HOL.MR1-00
    Brand: HOLCOM
    Port of export: HaiPhong, Vietnam
    Tilt angle: 0°~60°
    Installation area: Corrugated iron roof, trapezoidal waves
    HS Code: 76109000


  • Materials: AL6005-T5 / AL6005-T6/ SUS304
    Surface treatment: Silver anode with thickness from 6μm to 18μm. Hot-dip galvanized layer (if any) has a thickness of ≥ 65μm
    Battery type application: With frame
    Wind load: ≤60m/s
    Snow load: 1.4KN/m2
    Battery installation direction: Horizontal/Vertical
    Tilt angle: 0°~60°
    Seismic coefficient: Lateral seismic coefficient: Kp = 1; seismic coefficient: Z = 1; Usage coefficient: I = 1
    Standard: JIS C8955:2017 / ISO 9001:2015 / TCVN 6781-1-1:2017 / SGS​

Structural details

Installation steps