Metal Roof Solution 3 (MR3)

Holcom MR3 is railless solution for metal roof which can install directly Solar Panel to clamp. Corresponding to each wave type of roof, Holcom MR3 has a suitable clamp which can offer the more convenient, economical and safe mounting solution for solar rooftop and does not affect to the roof structure.

  • ​Product code: HOL.MR1-00
    Brand: HOLCOM
    Port of export: HaiPhong, Vietnam
    Tilt angle: 0°~60°
    Installation area: Corrugated iron roof, trapezoidal waves
    HS Code: 76109000


  • Materials: AL6005-T5 / AL6005-T6/ SUS304
    Surface treatment: Silver anode with thickness from 6μm to 18μm. Hot-dip galvanized layer (if any) has a thickness of ≥ 65μm
    Battery type application: With frame
    Wind load: ≤60m/s
    Snow load: 1.4KN/m2
    Battery installation direction: Horizontal/Vertical
    Tilt angle: 0°~60°
    Seismic coefficient: Lateral seismic coefficient: Kp = 1; seismic coefficient: Z = 1; Usage coefficient: I = 1
    Standard: JIS C8955:2017 / ISO 9001:2015 / TCVN 6781-1-1:2017 / SGS​

Structural details

Installation steps