Aluminum system

HOLCOM offer a total Architect Aluminum and Glass solutions for both commercial and residential construction markets. Our Aluminum system was designed for each type of windows, doors, ceiling,... base on their function and position of building. Therefore, we can offer a particular solution for each Investor with lower cost.

  • Interior Aluminum:  Apply for windows, doors, ceiling which was installed inside of building due to none water-slot in aluminum profile. The preeminent point of interior aluminum is connection module which allow windows & door  connect other materials of interior such as wood, steel...with invisible joint line, integrate windows & doors with other interior products.
  • Exterior Aluminum:  Apply for windows & doors surround building, curtain walls, sun lourver system, Handrails, Glass roof,...

With our guideline "Professional - Diligence", HOLCOM undertake to offer the most intelligent solutions and quality products to the projects which we are proud to supply.